Sports Uniforms

To play your best, you have to look your best!  Continuity and cohesion of a team is a difficult goal to reach.  With each player looking their best, and the team as a whole looking together, there is one less obstacle to team unity that coaches have to worry about.  Sawtooth Shirts has you, and your team, covered!

We offer complete service of uniforming needs in the Boise, Idaho area, the Northwest, and also service accounts nationwide.  We handle custom uniform needs for all types of teams, from recreational teams of small children or large competitive clubs with thousands of elite young athletes participating.  We help in the selection and design process all the way through providing your uniforms and warm-ups in time for the season to start.  We can provide it all--custom uniforms (including printing of design, names, numbers), custom shirts and hoodies for fan gear, custom shirts and hoodies for spirit gear for players to wear when they're not on the field, custom shirts, jackets, hoodies, and polo shirts for coaches to wear, and more!  

We pride ourselves in customized service for each client.  Fill out the form below, or call us at 208.991.2064 to find out how we can help!